Leap of Faith

It was 2 AM and my work alarm had just gone off. I woke up from the most vivid and incredible dream. A woman had found a door that led to different worlds. Each time she went through the door she was in a different setting and had a different face. There was an old man who was protecting the secret of the door. Towards the end of the dream she was being chased by men who wanted the door for themselves. Unfortunately, my alarm went off before the resolution.

My husband came home shortly after I woke up. Over a hot latte I told him about the dream and what parts I could remember. I thought this could be a neat idea for a book premise. He enthusiastically shared ideas back and forth with me while I was getting ready.

I didn’t want to go to work that morning!

I keep a text message conversation with myself on my phone. It’s easier for me than finding paper and pen to write my ideas down. Looking back through all the messages I’ve sent myself, I had this dream over six months ago in November of 2018. The premise for this book has come a long way and is very different than the original dream. But the overall idea is still the same:  a doorway that can take you elsewhere. 

Who is it about? What is happening? When is it taking place? Where is it taking place? Why is it happening? Asking the Five W questions is the greatest tool a writer has. And over the next couple months that’s exactly what I did. Who is this woman who found the doorway? What caused the doorway to appear?  When does the story take place, in the past, present, or future?  Where does the doorway lead?  Why is all of this happening?

I spent a lot of time researching science and what would cause a doorway to appear. I'm not planning on going into too much technical jargon in the story itself, but I needed to know the reason behind it all before I could move forward.  Discovering that reason led me to the setting the story takes place in and the type people who live there.

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